July 24 Noche de Canto y Poesía at Tía Chucha’s Featuring Margot Pepper reading from American Day Dream and Through the Wall; A Year in Havana

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July 24: Los Angeles, CA // Friday Night at 9:00
Noche de Canto y Poesía// Open mic Poetry and Song at 8:00
Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore

13197 Gladstone Ave. Unit A
Sylmar, CA

Celebrate the arrival of the weekend with Margot in Los Angeles at Tía Chucha Cultural center. The lively center was founded by LA Poet-Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez and his unstoppable co-conspirator, Trini Rodriguez to give gente opciones, in other words, an oasis of art, literature, music and sanity to counter the surrounding desert of concrete, freeways and liquor stores.  Bring song or poetry to share for the open mic of music and literature at 8:00, followed by Margot Pepper reading from American Day Dream and Through the Wall; A Year in Havana at 9:00 pm.

THROUGH THE WALL: A Year in Havana
Rave reviews of Margot Pepper’s memoir, Through the Wall: A Year in Havana, say she has succeeded in breaking through the blockade to deliver a lyrical, honest, eye-opening account of life in post-cold war Cuba. Reviewers have judged Through the Wall–a love story about the clash between First and Third World perspectives on social change–to be “a truly significant book” and “a vital contribution to history.” The San Francisco Bay Guardian heralded it “well-researched, witty and thought-provoking…. graceful and lyrical even as Pepper delves into complex economic theory and politically-sophisticated analysis.”   It’s a surreal world where high-ranking officials are required to pick up hitch-hikers. Root canals, cosmetic surgery and graduate school are free, but toilet paper is exorbitant. There’s no income tax nor homelessness, yet no house-paint either.     Through the Wall reveals the failures and successes of one of the functioning alternatives to a corporate-run government, and draws out lessons that will be embraced by all who believe another world is possible.

From her unique vantage point as a journalist working for a year in Special Period Cuba, Margot Pepper has written a smart and politically sophisticated memoir that captures the feelings and heartbeat of struggling Cuba during such a crucial time. Bravo, Margot Pepper, for writing such an honest and important work. ¡Punto!”  

Piri Thomas, author of Down These Mean Streets

“Margot Pepper’s memoir reveals a side of Cuba that most U.S. readers have never seen. Yet it’s also about the transformation of individuals, relationships, and societies, and the enlightenment that can sometimes follow those transformations. Through the Wall is far more than a book about Cuba.”

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange

 “An unusually talented and perceptive young writer with a natural gift for expressing herself.” 

Ring Lardner Jr., Hollywood Ten author of screenplay M*A*S*H.


AMERICAN Day DREAM by Margot Pepper. 

Feeling imprisoned by the demands of modern survival or indentured to your electronic gadgets? Updating Orwell’s 1984, this gripping techno-dystopian science fiction thriller set against the Bay Area’s iconic landmarks provides disturbing insight about the work speed up in the information age. And escape.

“Margot Pepper’s literary incursion into Science Fiction is just like her—daring, brave and fully imagined. Her political stance is vital and necessary.    

—Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running and L.A. Poet-Laureate

“A great dystopian read that takes you on a journey around the streets and scenic marvels of San Francisco. More than an Orwellian dystopia, American Day Dream draws on the revelations of Edward Snowden, imagining where the National Security State might lead us in the future. Added to this mélange is a passionate romance between the two main characters, the utopian counterpoint of the story.”

—Roger Burbach, author of Fire in the Americas.

“Pepper’s engaging characters suck you right in. What’s powerful is the way the story shows the soft line between our present society and the world that Pepper has envisioned. Unlike so much science fiction that lacks that connection, its symbolic value relates directly to our historic moment….

—Art Hazelwood, artist and author of From Hobos to Street People.

Pepper creates a world of insidious virtual realities in the tradition of The Matrix and other science fiction, only here she brilliantly uses a surreal futuristic prison story to uncover the unnerving nuances of our addiction to a hollow and oppressive economic structure. Reality slips in this magic realist tale written in the true San Francisco rebel spirit.”

—Director Mary Liz Thomson, Huffington Post



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