August 7: Havana Night with Margot and Mojitos by the Pool at the Oakland Hills Tennis Club

Summer SwimmingJoin Margot at the Oakland Hills Tennis Club to experience the virtual reality where the protagonists of American Day Dream got romantic. Readings from American Day Dream, as well as from the memoir, Through the Wall; A Year in Havana.  Buy a book and get an authentic Cuban mojito from the recipe in Through the Wall!  Readings on the upper deck just above the pool and No Host Beer and Wine bar.  No Host Poolside grill open until 7:30.*

Friday Night by the Pool from 6:30-8:30pm

Friday, August 7 @ 6:30pm
Oakland Hills Tennis Club
5475 Redwood Rd.
(510) 531-3300

Up Lincoln Ave, past Joaquin Miller Park, past Skyline about half a mile, turn right at Redwood Road and almost immediate right into steep driveway with pool view.

*Non-members may attend reading and enjoy views; those who want to use pools or gym must sign up for $15 guest pass.

Oakland Hills Tennis Club


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