Born in Mexico City, Margot Pepper is a bilingual educator, whose fiction, poetry, articles and translations have been published internationally by the Utne Reader, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, ZNet, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Monthly Review, Dollars & Sense, NACLA, Rethinking Schools, City Lights, Hampton Brown, Race, Poverty & the Environment, Prensa Latina, El Tecolote, El Andar, Canada’s The Scoop and elsewhere. She is best known for her memoir about her year working in Cuba, Through the Wall: A Year in Havana (Freedom Voices, 2005,) which was a finalist nomination for the 2006 American Book Award. She has also published a book of poetry, At This Very Moment (Freedom Voices, 1992) and most recently adystopian science fiction thriller, American Day Dream, due out January 15, 2015. Currently she is working on a book of short magic realism, The Acrobat, and Other Stories for Dark Times. Learn more at Search for Author Margot Pepper on Facebook or margotpepper on Instagram.


M.F.A., Creative Writing. San Francisco State University.
B.C.L.A.D. Professional Clear Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential with Bilingual Emphasis in Spanish.
B.A. Literature/Writing; minor in Spanish, University of California at San Diego. Honors: Summa cum laude.


  • Author of three books, journalist and translator.
  • Native Spanish-Speaker.
  • Professional poet with California Poets in the Schools.
  • 20 years teaching experience in both Spanish and English.
  • Students have been widely published and have appeared on television and radio.


Publications: Articles, translations, poems and fiction have appeared in Common Dreams, Rethinking Schools, the Utne Reader, Monthly Review, ZNet, Counterpunch, Dollars & Sense, NACLA, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, City Lights, Hampton Brown, the Berkeley Daily Planet, Poetry Flash, El Andar, Race, Poverty & the Environment, El Tecolote, Left Curve, Cambio, Cipactli, the Venice Beach-Head, France’s Le Courier, Canada’s Scoop and others. Spoken word performances at over 75 venues include the Yerba Buena Gardens, the Oakland Museum of California, the San Francisco Book Festival, Intersection for the Arts, Barnes & Noble and the National Library of Havana. Repeated appearances in Spanish and English on KPFA’s Morning Show, Cover to Cover, Flashpoints, Raza Chronicles, KPFK, and KPOO. Through the Wall: A Year in Havana is carried by nearly 50 libraries including by Harvard, Brown, Rutgers, and Melbourne universities.

Spanish Language Translator and Journalist: Translated, from Spanish to English, 900+ articles and wrote over a dozen articles for Granma International newspaper in Havana, Cuba. Conducted Research for a book during this time. (10/93-11/94)

Foreign Correspondent: Spent fifteen months in Cuba and Mexico working as a freelance correspondent and translator for some of the above-referenced U.S. and foreign publications. (9/92-12/94)

Editor/ Copy Editor: Former founding Editor of Komotion International magazine, previously a newsletter belonging to a renowned San Francisco arts collective and performance venue that received the 1992 Bay Guardian “Local Hero” award. Worked on all facets of magazine including design, lay out, paste-up and staff coordination. (5/88-7/89)


American Day Dream, a dystopian science fiction/magic realism thriller. San Francisco: Freedom Voices, 2015

Through the Wall: A Year in Havana, a historical memoir. San Francisco: Freedom Voices, 2005

At This Very Moment, a collection of poetry and short fiction. San Francisco: Freedom Voices, 1992


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“Action Research Report: Success of BUSD’s Two-Way Immersion Program,” Berkeley Unified School District, October, 2007 through June, 2008.

“Through the Wall: A Year in Havana” MFA thesis and book; Havana Cuba, October 1992 through November, 1993. Additional month in Mexico, December, 2003.


Community-based education events. Students have appeared on Univisión channel 14; at the Oakland Museum, the T.V. show Wee Poets; KPOO radio; in a petition submitted to congress against NCLB; on Susan Ohanian’s website and at speaking engagements as far away as Japan. Students have published work in the popular literature series, Hampton-Brown’s A Chorus of Cultures; in Rethinking Schools; California Poets in the Schools anthologies; the Monthly Review; Race, Poverty & the Environment; the Berkeley Daily Planet; Street Spirit newspaper; El Tecolote; the Daily Californian; the Venice Beach-Head and Canada’s The Scoop.

Organized Teach-In at Rosa Parks School in Berkeley, CA. to inform immigrant community of their rights in the face of ICE raids, April 26, 2007.

Delegate to National Writer Union, member since 1992. Orrganized readings which succeeded in expanding membership to include a more diverse population.

Member: California Poets in the Schools since 1991 and Media Alliance.