“Come the Revolution We’ll All Have Swimming Pools”–Dalton Trumbo

Margot with Cleo & Trumbo, 1970 (Excerpt from chapter 45, “Through the Wall; A Year in Havana (p. 176, Freedom Voices)” West Hollywood, circa 1971. A drifting net of cigar smoke let me know the world-famous director was at his desk; I’d have to steal down the stairs past him and out the glass doors to get to the pool.… Read more →

Dogtown’s Z-Girl

by Jack Neworth, Santa Monica Daily Press Having spent her teenage years skateboarding, boogie boarding and surfing in Santa Monica, Margot Pepper went on to become an acclaimed author, poet, journalist and bilingual educator. A summa cum laude with an M.F.A. in creative writing, Margot’s fiction, poetry, articles and translations have been published internationally. Among others, her books are carried… Read more →

Through the Wall: A Year in Havana Interview with Author Margot Pepper

By RM Arrieta Q: You were there when Fidel Castro announced the decriminalization of hard currency. What was the mood of the country at a time when unprecedented economic measures were taken? The year I lived in Havana, the mood was funereal. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Cuba’s 8.1 billion dollar economy had been slashed to $2.2 billion.… Read more →