June 2: Cuba Libre Photography Exhibit with Special Readings from Margot Pepper, Jack Hirschman and Dorothy Payne

Cuba LibreLast weekend to view Cuba Libre Photography Exhibit by Ivory Serra and John Perino at Live Worms Gallery, 1345 Grant Ave. in (North Beach) San Francisco. On Tuesday, June 2nd, special readings featuring; Margot Pepper, Dorothy Payne and Jack Hirschman…


Cuba Libre Photography Exhibit by Ivory Serra and John Perino

June 2nd at Live Worms Gallery, 6:30pm

1345 Grant Ave. (North Beach), San Francisco


Special Guest Poets:

Margot Pepper, Dorothy (Dottie Payne) and Jack Hirschman


Margot Pepper is an author, poet and educator. She worked in Havana as a translator and reporter for the Cuban newspaper, Granma during the Special Period in 1993.

Dorothy (Dottie) Payne is a poet , painter and author, her first book of poems Birthmarks has just been published by the New Native Press. Dottie returns from Havana on June 1st after reading at The International Poetry Festival there.

Jack Hirschman is a poet, translator, author and painter and is San Francisco’s Poet Laureate emeritus. Jack also returns from Havana after reading at the International Poetry Festival there.

Please Join Us at the Gallery!

Live Worms Gallery

1345 Grant Ave. San Francisco


Sponsored by the Focus Gallery of San Francisco

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