“A great dystopian read that takes you on a journey around the streets and scenic marvels of San Francisco. More than an Orwellian dystopia, American Day Dream draws on the revelations of Edward Snowden, imagining where the National Security State might lead us. Added to this mélange is a passionate romance between the two main characters, the utopian counterpoint of the story.”

—Roger Burbach, author of Fire in the Americas

“Pepper’s engaging characters suck you right in. What’s powerful is the way the story shows the soft line between our present society and the world that Pepper has envisioned. Unlike so much science fiction that lacks that connection, its symbolic value relates directly to our historic moment….”

—Art Hazelwood, artist and author of From Hobos to Street People

“Pepper creates a world of insidious virtual realities in the tradition of The Matrix and other science fiction, only here she brilliantly uses a surreal futuristic prison story to uncover the unnerving nuances of our addiction to a hollow and oppressive economic structure. Reality slips in this magic realist tale written in the true San Francisco rebel spirit.”

—Director Mary Liz Thomson, Huffington Post

“Margot Pepper’s literary incursion into Science Fiction is just like her—daring, brave and fully imagined. She is a story goddess living in and out of verses, whose political stance is vital and necessary.”

—Luis J. Rodriguez, author of Always Running and It Calls You Back

“American Day Dream could become a classic like 1984 or Brave New World.”

–Jim Smith, editor of the Venice Beachhead


“Well-researched, witty and thought-provoking…. graceful and lyrical even as Pepper delves into complex economic theory and politically-sophisticated analysis.”

—Bay Guardian Literary Supplement, September 2005

“An unusually talented and perceptive young writer with a natural gift for expressing herself.”

—The late Ring Lardner Jr., Hollywood Ten author of screenplay MAS*H

“Margot Pepper’s writing is compelling, able to capture the voice and tenor of those who often do not have a voice in literature, conveying resonant stories for all of us.”

—Luis J. Rodriguez, author of best-selling Always Running

“A vibrant asset to the Bay area literary community, Pepper has redefined what it means to be a Norteamericana for herself and everyone who lives straddling the borders between North and South.”

—Alejandro Murguía, winner American Book Award and S.F. Poet-Laureate

“From her unique vantage point as a journalist working for a year in Special Period Cuba, Margot Pepper has written a smart and politically sophisticated memoir.  Interweaving her past as the Mexico City-born daughter of a blacklisted Hollywood producer with the travails of her daily life in Cuba and the larger context of Cuban society in general, her work is imbued with her own political analysis and convictions and captures the feelings as well as the heartbeat of struggling Cuba during such a crucial time. Bravo, Margot Pepper, for writing such an honest and important work. ¡Punto!”

—Piri Thomas, author of Down These Mean Streets

“Margot Pepper’s memoir reveals a side of Cuba that most U.S. readers have never seen. Yet it’s also about the transformation of individuals, relationships, and societies, and the enlightenment that can sometimes follow those transformations. Through the Wall is far more than a book about Cuba.”

—Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange

“Margot Pepper’s book about Cuba is a unique achievement: so honest, so real, so personal and at the same time politically gripping– a lyrical, haunting creature.  Through the Wall is a proper title for this book, a subtle way of telling U.S. readers: step away from the propaganda blitz and look at the real Cuba–beyond the wall.”

—Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, activist and author

“Margot was a worker-writer. Eight hours a day was nothing to her.  She started early in the morning and often went on well past midnight… (Her book, Through the Wall is…) a rare candid look at daily life in Cuba, sans propaganda of the left or right.”

—Free Venice Beachhead, August, 2005

“Through the Wall is a truly significant book. More than a significant book!”

—Gerard Colby, author of Thy Will Be Done and former president of the National Writer’s Union


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