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November 18th: Freedom Voices Press Celebrates 25 Years

Freedom Voices Press Celebrates 25 Years… with a Sneak Preview of 2015 Releases and a 2014 Award-Winner Featuring Margot Pepper, Paul Boden, and J. Douglas Allen-Taylor In 1989, when editor Jess Clarke worked as a cultural organizer in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District for the non-profit Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center (TREC), he found the neighborhood awash in unpublished talent. Working… Read more →



Photos by Margot Pepper

Follow Ian’s virtual reality in American Day Dream and visit popular tourist attractions in San Francisco and beyond:

Photo by Curtis Fry

American Day Dream

A Novel by Margot Pepper Book Description Glance around. Imagine that all the scenery beyond these words isn’t real, nor are they. Instead, imagine that you’re actually locked up in a jail cell, and the “reality” around you is nothing but a digitally created illusion generated by a microchip implanted in your brain. Would you rather go back to sleep… Read more →

Cover Design by Christine Joy Ferrer, Photo by Curtis Fry

Press Release

For Immediate Release: American Day Dream By Margot Pepper Publisher: Freedom Voices Press Publication Date: January 15, 2015 Contact: Freedom Voices adaydream@freedomvoices.org “American Day Dream could become a classic like 1984 or Brave New World.” —Jim Smith, The Venice Beachhead “A great dystopian read that takes you on a journey around the streets and scenic marvels of San Francisco. More… Read more →